Wednesday, March 05, 2008


What an all star cast! Bill Paxton! Kurt Russell and his dazzling blue eyes! Locke from Lost!, Billy Bob Thornton in a small role! Jason Priestly! Powers Boothe! Sam Elliott! Thomas Haden Church! Michael Biehn! Val Kilmer with a funny fey Southern accent! Billy Zane! Charlton Heston! Frank Stallone! Robert Mitchum as the narrator! The dude who played Chick Gandil in Eight Men Out! Harry Carey Jr! Amazing moustaches! Holy crap, right?

The movie is a good time. Great Westerns though have a bit more of an edge or something more to say than this one did. This is simply an attempt to recreate the fun aspects of a Western. It felt like a nostalgia piece to me by filmmakers who grew up watching Westerns as kids. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but there was nothing terribly original about it. In fact, some of it reminded me (unintentionally I'm sure) of Three Amigos. But this is mere kvetching. This movie is pure entertainment through and through.

File it alongside the Siverados of the world and that is more than okay by me. Speaking of Siverado, I should see that movie again.

Directed by George Pan Cosmatos


billm said...


Has the nearing of the end of The Wire put you on to this recent Westerns kick?

Listmaker said...

nah, i've actually watched these over about a 6 week period and ended up deciding to post them all one right after the other.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Between all the Omar stuff and these recent posts, I know I want to go back and check out some of these movies again. I did actually happen to come accross Silverado a couple of weeks ago.

thanks man.

billm said...

oops. you know that was me right?

msdee said...

I didnt read the whole post all i had to see was "Locke from Lost" to rent the movie

msdee said...

Have you seen Unforgiven or pale Rider? Those are great westerns. Hubby likes the spaghetti westerns.

Listmaker said...

i have seen unforgiven - a long time ago at the college movie theater.

have not seen pale rider.