Monday, March 31, 2008

Blades of Glory

Unlike Jack Black, I really can't get enough of Will Ferrell. He makes me laugh in everything I see him in.

There's a lot to be amused by in this movie despite its lightweight nature. Too bad I had to deal with that Napoleon Dynamite asshole. I hate that guy.

Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck


Gamera said...

I agree with you about Will Ferrell to a point. I really have no interest in Melinda & Melinda or Ladybugs or whatever that soccer movie he made was called. I didn't mind Napoleon Dynamite so much in this movie. Minus the glasses and plus some peacock feathers he was pretty easy on the eyes.

jamie said...

i'm going to have to disagree. Will Ferrell is played out and he needs to stop making the same movie over and over again and to also come up with a new persona. watch Anchorman again sometime and you realize how stunningly lackluster much of that movie is. that not-so-new-anymore basketball movie just seems like it's unwatchable. once again he's playing a character whose improbably outsized ego is made to seem preposterous by its emanation from an athlete/anchorman in a 2nd-tier sport/league/media market. enough already.

Listmaker said...

to each his own.

don't let mitch know you don't like anchorman. he might have to give you a beatdown.