Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Great concept. Not very good execution. I think Gondry is better when adapting someone else's material than he is at writing it. I love his ideas but not sure how strong he is at writing scripts.

Gondry didn't know where to go with this. It was too mired in reality that it never quite became magical. Clearly he was trying to create some sort of alternate universe but it didn't come across as magical like The Science of Sleep. Instead it just seemed a bit dull and underwritten and overreaching.

As SHR said, we should have waited to see this on DVD because the best parts were the remakes. And the DVD extras of longer clips from the remakes will undoubtedly be better than the movie itself.

I knew I wasn't going to love this but I had wanted to see it for so long that there was no turning back.

Jack Black is way past the annoying state. And why was Mos Def playing such a retard? And why was Danny Glover so bumbling? And why was Mia Farrow so annoying?

I did like seeing Melonie Diaz for the first time since Raising Victor Vargas though.

Directed by Michel Gondry
Court St.


Gamera said...

Another surprise, Mr. Listmaker. When I first heard about this I thought it sounded like a terribly lame concept. What made you want to see it? I am amazed by people's reactions to this film because in my mind it's Jack Black + Mos Def + stupid movie recreations = a terrible time had by all. Yet most people I know seem interested in it. Is it simply Michel Gondry that attracts all these people? I am sincerely asking here because really I have no idea. What do I know - I like Vampire Weekend.

Listmaker said...

i think the concept is very interesting to be honest and i have previously liked everything gondry has done.

shawn said...

ah. now i see. listmaker's right about this, gamera wins on vampire weekend. jeez. let up on the fluff already, people. have a little fun.