Monday, February 04, 2008

Three Kings

This was good. Just not as good as I thought it would be after having not seen it in over eight years.

It seems odd that enough time has passed for a movie from 1999 to feel dated but this film does feel a bit dated. It definitely has a '99 Run Lola Run, Go, Fight Club type vibe to it. Not that that is bad necessarily but it definitely feels like a certain time and place.

Clooney is as good as ever and it is always a pleasure to see Ice Cube. But the film tries too hard in its politics - even if the politics are completely right.

All of this being said, I did enjoy watching it again. There are some real highlights to this movie - the scene of the first standoff between the Americans and the Iraqi soliders in front of the bunker, the scene where the Americans get fired upon and have to get rescued in a cloud of poison fog, and some of the driving in the desert scenes set to easy listening and the Beach Boys.

I just wasn't expecting to feel so old while watching a movie from the fairly recent past.

Directed by David O. Russell


mas said...

I agree completely - I remembered really liking this and watched it again on cable a few weeks ago. Some of the things I thought I originally liked - Spike Jonze in particular - seemed really stale the second time around. My attention was definitely on other things in my apartment by the time hour two rolled around, though it did look really sharp in HD.

msdee said...

I liked this movie too. I might see it again this week. it's on Demand