Sunday, February 03, 2008

Independence Day

I was smart to have avoided this movie for so long. Not sure what my excuse is for sitting through it at this point though. This movie is so bad. No drama, no suspense, this is a blockbuster by the numbers. Blah.

There were a fun few characters I guess. Judd Hirsch as the wise old Jew, Harvey Fierstein as the crazy gay Jew, and Jeff Goldblum as the bad T-shirt wearing Jew.

But this movie is so so so bland and dull. Give me V anyday. Or any other aliens attacking the world movie.

I have to admit though that I was very amused by something that occurred during the movie. SHR was brought to tears when Bill Pullman's (perhaps the blandest screen President ever) wife dies. What? Who could even remotely get invested in characters in such a stupidly written movie? Oh SHR ...

This movie needed more camp and less crappiness.

Directed by Roland Emmerich


msdee said...

The movie is bad, no doubt but I like any Sci-fi and I liked this one. It isn't Oscar material but it's fun.
I thought Bill Pullman trying to be a bad ass president with the Clint Eastwood voice was funny.

youthlarge said...

you're crazy, this movie is awesome. that said, i probably never need to watch it again.

Jim said...

Randy Quaid is all the camp I need in this movie. And the "uploading the virus" part -- so ridiculous. I also like it when Bill Pullman reads the alien's mind.

Listmaker said...

you guys make good points. i don't know - i just couldn't get into it.