Monday, February 11, 2008

Foreign Correspondent

I can't believe how many good to great movies Hitchcock made in his career. Sure, I've seen the well known films but I feel like that is just scratching the surface. Case in point - this movie. I barely knew anything about this film but I dug it a bit.

Joel McCrea plays a newspaper reporter sent to Europe to cover the coming war. He gets that but he gets a whole lot more! Double crosses, a leader of a peace organization who isn't what he appears to be, a love interest who is the daughter of the "peace" guy, car chases, plane crashes, a fake assassination, etc, etc. In particular the trickery involving windmills is the real highlight.

The movie is also a call-to-arms. Wake up America! The Nazis are coming! Get ready! The Star Spangled Banner plays over the end credits.

One thing I'm upset about though is that somehow I missed Hitchcock's cameo in the film. He always in his movies right? Or did he start that after 1940?

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


msdee said...

Watch it again Hitchcock appears in the beginning of the film as an extra reading the paper, if I'm not mistaken
I love this movie as well. It was a little silly at times but the windmill scene was riveting and the airplane crash was scary. This is on my Good Movies list.

msdee said...

The sea of umbrellas scene is great too.