Monday, January 14, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Holy Mother of God! Wow! What a movie!

I had high expectations for this movie and I was not disappointed. Daniel Day-Lewis with his best accent yet? I loved him in Gangs of New York but a slightly more restrained Day-Lewis is an ever better Day-Lewis. Wow.

I loved the opening first 15 minutes with pretty much no dialogue. I loved the simple visuals to explain the early developments in drilling for oil. I loved the way the scene with the big fire was shot. Day-Lewis looks like the devil incarnate in that scene. I love the bowling alley scene. I love the twin themes of capitalism and religion. I love the last scene between father and son.

I wonder how Scorsese feels now that he has been eclipsed. Anderson tried to outdo Altman with Magnolia and didn't succeed. Eight years later he is showing the old masters how it is done. Is it too early for Anderson to remake Gangs of New York?

Anderson proves he understands that epics don't have to be big sprawling messes. An epic story can be centered on one character and everything else can fall into place.

I dig that both this and No Country For Old Men are 2007 versions of what a modern Western can be.

The Oscar race for Best Picture will be an interesting one.

I know a lot of people disliked Punch Drunk Love but I really liked it. I should see it again. And I have also added Hard Eight to my Netflix queue.

I love the Johny Greenwood soundtrack as well. Love love love it.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Lincoln Square


youthlarge said...

shoot, i've lost track of how many times you've used "dig" or "dug" on this blog, but you're batting 1.000 with the last two posts!

i was riveted by jonny greenwood's score as well. my immediate reaction was wow, this reminds like the theme from Nova and so it was very interesting to learn that and music from the shining were two of the score's influences.

msdee said...

1- You can cast Daniel Day Lewis in Police Academy 12 and he will give an oscar worthy performance, The man is flawless.

2- I can't believe you and I agree on Punch Drunk Love. I loved the movie. I own it so if you ever want to borrow it..