Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I should have known better but I was curious. I don't dislike musicals per se but I just had a feeling that I wouldn't like a Stephen Sondheim musical. And I was right. I didn't. I didn't hate this or anything but I definitely liked the non song parts a lot more than the musical interruptions.

Visually, the film looked great and I dug the plot for the most part but those songs, those damn songs kept taking me out of it. And Sacha Baron Cohen was embarrassingly miscast - and I like him.

SHR said she was going to record a song in the style of Sweeney Todd as her review of the movie but unfortunately she changed her mind.

Directed by Tim Burton
Court St.


Gamera said...

I loved the Angela Lansbury version of this I saw years ago and I hate musicals as a rule. Something about the weirdness of the Sondheim songs and subject matter mesmerized me. If SHR records a Sweeney Todd review song, I will finally complete my Mandy Patinkin sings Indie Rock Hits album.

msdee said...

So what are you saying? Johnny Depp is not perfect?
That's crazy!

I would have loved to hear SHR's recording
Come on SHR ...please