Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sophie's Choice

I'm glad I saw this but man was this slow. SHR and I watched this in many different installments over a number of weeks. For some reason, I always thought the whole film was set during the war. I didn't realize that most of it was set in Brooklyn. By the way, Brooklyn looks absolutely fantastic in this movie.

Meryl Streep hit all the right notes I suppose but am I a philistine for finding her a bit overrated in general? Kevin Kline cracked us up in the movie playing one crazy dude. SHR pointed out that the young Kline is a dead ringer for the guy in The Black Lips.

Check it out.

Check the dude to the far left

On another note, do all of these serious early 80's films take forever to get anywhere? So... so ... slow. Or is that just me?

Directed by Alan J. Pakula


msdee said...

This was one of the most disturbing movies and yet beautiful at the same time for me.

It wasn't too slow for me.

This movie also has one of the most memorable scenes for me, the scene where she has to decide which child to give up, haunts me to this day. It makes my stomach hurt. It is anguish to watch.

youthlarge said...

i was actually thinking young kevin kline looked more like the guy second from the left.

weasel said...

If I ever see the Variety headline "Pakula picks Bakula for Dracula" I think I'll die happy.

Listmaker said...

ms. dee,
i think that i simply had my expectations too high. we also probably shouldn't have spread our viewing out over such a long period of time - we never could really get into it because of that.

right. you are right. so so right.

that is a great headline!