Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slap Shot

Sometimes it is a good thing to have completely missed seeing a movie years ago when you really should have seen it. Case in point, this movie. I'm surprised at myself for having never seen it before. But I bet you are jealous that I got to see it for the very first time in 2008 and you didn't!

What a crazy movie. This kind of movie would never be made now. So raunchy. So offensive at times in a Bad News Bears what the hell was going on in the 70's kind of way? So Paul Newman cool.So many 70's tits just hanging out. Okay, maybe there was just one scene but it was long. I also wasn't the one who referred to the scene as a 70's tit scene (SHR did) but it got me to thinking.

I really wish the Hanson Brothers had found a way to be in more movies. Those guys were funny.

Directed by George Roy Hill


youthlarge said...

you forgot to tag this as "shr fell asleep" because i did.

Gamera said...

I believe you fell asleep SHR because this movie dragged. I saw it a few years ago and didn't get what all the hype was about. It had long drawn out sections that seemed to suck the life out of the film and the funny parts weren't all that hilarious. This film is severely overrated.

Chris Larry said...

gamera is severly a moron. This is one of the best comedies of all time. Listy glad you joined the club.

Listmaker said...


i didn't list it as shr fell asleep because you didn't mean to fall asleep. i sort of reserve that for movies you hate and intentionally fell asleep during viewing. then again, sleep is sleep. i'll change it.

Listmaker said...

hot tub eric sent me this gem yesterday.

I am flabbergasted that you’d never seen slapshot. What, did BAM finally get a print of it? no wonder you like all those foreign movies so much when your points of reference don’t include the classics. It is so good, but it bums me out to watch it a be reminded about how uptight we’ve become in this country.

When were you born, 72? I’m ‘73 and am glad as hell that I got to live through america’s golden age, the 1970’s. and I’m not taking about the nonsense that people who don’t know like to associate with the decade - the disco and so forth. I’m talking about an honest cold beer, open minded ladies with a nice full bush, American cars that were still worth a damn, and double knit baseball unis that you’d actually want to wear. Watching slapshot and bad news bears just makes you realize how low we’ve sunk.

youthlarge said...

that is true, i did not mean to fall asleep. i really did enjoy the parts i was awake for. paul newman is one of the handsomest men alive and the hanson brothers - talk about undertapped comedy genius (not in the film, but in movies in general).