Thursday, January 31, 2008


I didn't particularly care for the first half of this film but by the end had finally gotten acclimated to the vibe of it all. SHR gave up after a third of it.

I had heard about this movie for so long that I think I was expecting something a little bit different. It was indeed a sex farce but filtered through the whole 70's downer thing. It took me a while to get used to that.

I liked Warren Beatty's look, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, and the political stuff. Plus it had one of my favorite lines I've seen in recent memory when Beatty gets caught cheating on his girlfriend while in the act and his response is, "Honey there you are - we've been looking all over for you!"

But I've got to say the best thing about this movie is Jack Warden. That dude is awesome.

I can't say that I particularly loved it or anything but I'm glad to have finally seen it. Plus it makes me want to re-watch a few episodes of Crazy Like a Fox (is that on DVD?) and Foul Play ASAP.

Directed by Hal Ashby


Gamera said...

Have you seen Reds? Not as bad as you might think it'd be plus it holds up well after all these years.

msdee said...

Two Warren Beatty films in a row?
Have you seen Bonnie and Clyde? That's his best, in my opinion.

Chris Larry said...

what are u having a 70;s film festival???

i have never seen nashville let me know when you get to Nashvile..never seen that...