Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

I was disappointed with this movie. Definitely no Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In fact, a big problem with the movie was that Gary Cooper seems to be trying too hard to be like Jimmy Stewart. However this movie was made a full three years before Stewart had become a full fledged star.

Stewart would have been perfect in the role of the surly, eccentric small town poet with a heart of gold who inherits 20 million dollars and goes to the big city.

Cooper was kind of blah. The movie was kind of blah.

Has anyone seen the Adam Sandler remake?

Directed by Frank Capra


jjosh g said...

Holy crap i think you're crazy, I love this film. I think Cooper nails it by playing the big dumb lunk as not quite knowing that he's that big and dumb, and being so goshdarn stand-uppity that he sells the character to me.

And right after I saw it, the Adam Sandler version was on HBO or something, and let me tell you, it is staggeringly bad. Like the kind of bad that needs to be seen to be believed. He plays the character as just sort of really angry throughout the whole film, which is odd, and for some reason there's a running gag where he has a toe that can't feel pain! If that doesn't get you to check it out, nothing will.

Listmaker said...

you've almost convinced me to watch the movie again!

right after i wrote this, i saw a preview for mr. deeds on the slapshot dvd. all i can say is that i hope john turturro got paid a lot to be in that crap.