Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jackie Robinson Story

What a strange strange movie. Three years after Jackie Robinson's rookie year with the Dodgers, it was the right time to make a movie about Jackie. Why not, right? But the film is so clunky, it is ridiculous. Every scene is like 45 seconds or so long. We are brought quickly through Jackie's life all the way through his triumphant 1947 season with a little comic relief thrown in, in the guise of a Bugs Bunny-like hitter. Gotta have the comic relief to balance out the mean racists!

Despite all of this, I don't regret watching the movie because it stars Jackie Robinson as himself (not the worst actor by any stretch), Ruby Dee as his wife (she played his mother in another film 40 years later), and has great footage of Ebbets Field.

Plus it is just so odd to see a movie that does a decent job dealing with racism wrapped up in such hokey surroundings. All of these elements make this movie worth seeing as a curiosity.

Directed by Alfred E. Green
YES Network (Who would have thought they put non-Yankees stuff on this channel EVER? Then again Yogi Berra introduced the movie and talk during the breaks about Jackie. I guess a player didn't really exist unless a Yankee gives his blessing.)

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what a weird movie.