Monday, January 21, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life

What else is there to say about this movie? SHR had never seen it in its entirety so I was excited to watch it with her. I don't think I had seen it in well over twenty years so it felt pretty fresh to me.

Everything is perfect. There is a reason that people love this movie. The ending just keeps piling more tearjerking moment on top of tearjerking moment into one big sentimental crescendo. I couldn't get enough of it but it was almost too much. But it wasn't too much. It was perfect. Too many movies try to cheaply copy this formula of pouring it on for excruciating moment after excruciating minute. But there was only one Frank Capra and only one Jimmy Stewart.

How annoying is that Clash of the Choirs logo though? It was on screen during the entire show! NBC is on my list. They should be afraid.

Directed by Frank Capra


msdee said...

One of my favorites also.
Did you notice that the two police officers names were Bert and Ernie.
Also best snow I have seen in a movie to date! I heard they used mash potato flakes, Don't know if that's true .
This movie is perfect.
Too many fave scenes to mention but I'll try

Serenading by the neighbors house
Pool scene
Dad setting down the rules for his son and the son (grown man) not giving him a hard time about it.
The bar scene
The first time we see Clarence
The frustrating broken bannister....

Listmaker said...

yes, i did notice the characters named bert and ernie. i chuckled.