Monday, November 19, 2007

The U.S. vs. John Lennon

Terrible poster, decent movie. But nothing amazing. How does a movie like this get released in the theaters even though it is a straight up VH1 type documentary while the really good recent Who documentary goes straight to cable and DVD? I suppose it is because John Lennon still sells a helluva lot more than The Who?

There are things in here I didn't know much about but the whole idea that the U.S. government was out to get Lennon is only really explored in the second half of the movie. And to be honest, who wasn't the FBI keeping tabs on?

Still the source material was very good - who doesn't like over 90 minutes of John Lennon? Hell, the stuff on the Bed-In was more than enough to make this movie worth seeing.

Directed by David Leaf and John Scheinfeld

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youthlarge said...

all the damns, hells and helluvas you use in your reviews make me laugh. i may have already left this exact comment.