Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New York Doll

I really liked this movie. A few weeks after seeing it, I still often think about Arthur "Killer" Kane and it haunts me.

Kane was the bassist for the New York Dolls, a band that had great potential, but flamed out way too quickly. The other surviving band members went on to do other projects but Kane couldn't get over the disappointment and became a bitter alcoholic, jealous at the success of his former bandmate David Johansen.

After finding religion, Kane settled into a quiet normal life with the dream to reunite the New York Dolls. This was his dream for years. In 2004, Morrissey arranged for his idols to reunite for a show in London. Kane was incredibly excited. It was so touching to see him get ready for the show. It was heartbreaking watching the performance knowing that three weeks after the performance, Kane would be diagnosed with leukemia and die shortly thereafter.

I didn't know anything about Kane before watching this movie other than he had recently died. He was such a fragile and tender man or at least he was in 2004 during the filming of the documentary. I can't get him out of my head. A very good movie.

Directed by Greg Whiteley

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