Thursday, November 29, 2007

Michael Clayton

This is such a fun movie. A movie like this happens when the entertainment comes first and the political aspects come second rather than the other way around. Unlike the ridiculous Syriana, this movie didn't try to hit the viewer over the head with its message.

Clooney was great. He was so good that he didn't even have to resort to doing his whole charming Clooney thing which he often reverts back to in most of his roles because wouldn't you if you were the Clooney? Sydney Pollack as always was a pleasure to watch.

First time director Tony Gilroy also wrote the screenplays for the three Bourne movies. Based on his scripts for this film and the Bourne films, he has proven that he knows how to tell a good yarn. This is one of those entertaining movies that grabs you from the first frame.

I haven't even seen movies like The China Syndrome and Silkwood, but after seeing a movie clearly modeled on the tone of those type of films (or so I imagine), I need to Netflix those suckers.

Directed by Tony Gilroy
Lincoln Square


youthlarge said...

Do you mean Silkwood starring Meryl Streep?

It's funny that you thought Clooney wasn't doing his whole Clooney act because he's totally doing the chin tuck/head tilt (an integral part of the Clooney act) in the photo you posted!

Listmaker said...

yes, silkwood. i'll change i† right now. but i think i like silkweed as a title even more.

good point on the clooney pic.