Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Right at Your Door

A series of dirty bombs go off in LA. A husband can't get in touch with his wife who was downtown during the blasts. The authorities instruct everyone to seal their homes and not to let any contaminated people in.

The wife comes home but the husband can't let her in. The government (all so very E.T.) lurk everywhere capturing the contaminated. The sense of claustrophobia is high, all the contact with the outside world is through the radio (all so very Night of the Living Dead). The ending is all so very Twilight Zone.

Directed by Chris Gorak
Times Square 25


crispin said...

Did you like it? Did you not like it? Your review is all so very inconclusive.

Listmaker said...

eh, it was okay. sort of good, sort of whatever by the end. the last 30 minutes dragged.

msdee said...

It sounds interesting to me

msdee said...

I saw it last night and liked it but because I read your review a while back and you mentioned the ending being Twilight Zone- like. I pretty much guessed the ending.
My fave character was the handyman from next door I wanted to seemore of him and I thought it would have been interesting to see what occurred with the two of them stuck in the house.
Scary and sad. I cried when she listened to her voice mail and then sat next to hubby for the rest of the movie