Sunday, September 23, 2007

Into the Wild

I saw this yesterday and the more that I think about it, the more I dislike it. It just isn't very good. Too earnest in a self-satisfied humorless kind of way. But I guess that would describe both Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder whose moaning emoting is all over the soundtrack.

I loved this book and was really looking forward to seeing the film. But other than Hal Holbrook, this film is not really worth paying attention to. The book left me conflicted. Was Chris a misguided obnoxious blowhard or was there something special about him? Jon Krakauer did a great job showing both sides of the argument. Sean Penn doesn't even come close to that sort of complexity. Nothing was exciting or complex about this film. The cinematography wasn't even interesting. How does one shoot a film in the locations where this one was shot and yet look so dull?

And did I mention how awful that Eddie Vedder soundtrack was? Blech.

Directed by Sean Penn
Sunshine Cinemas


crispin said...

thanks for saving me some cash. i too loved the book and was excited about the film but eddie and sean are two big strikes against it already. the kid in the poster looks pretty self satisifed too. i only like smug when it comes from r. kelly.

youthlarge said...

it wasn't terrible. but i too really could have done without eddie vedder's vocals. they were so loud and obtrusive.

hal holbrook was fantastic. emile hirsch was not bad too. it's kind of tough not to come across as self satisfied when it's a big part of the character you're portraying.

mas said...

Ugh - I agree - this was a real disappointment. Preachy (yet without a real message) and at least 30 mins. too long.

Listmaker said...

dude, i tried to warn you.

msdee said...

I have been so out of the loop I didnt even know this story was such a fuss. The book was a hit and I didnt even notice it. Anyway I was intrigued by The Oprah promo of the cast and director appearing on her show cause I have a love/hate reltionship with Sean Penn I watched and the first few minutes was really psyched about reading the book then seeing the movie THEN Oprah gave a way the ending!!!! Arghhh!