Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ordinary People

This is one of those movies that I had always meant to see but had never actually sat down to watch. Last week, I finally sat down and watched it. I think I would have been okay if I had continued to overlook it.

Not that this was bad by any stretch but I just couldn't get into it. As a time capsule though, it was pretty fantastic. And I loved Judd Hirsch! I'd heard for years about how great Timothy Hutton was but, eh, whatever. Mary Tyler Moore is better when she's funny. Donald Sutherland was good though and I did like the very end quite a bit after Moore had left.

It felt dated in a "Look how emotionally raw this whole entire movie is" but I've seen better movies in the past few years (The Son's Room immediately comes to mind) on similar subject matter. Designed to win Oscars - and it did. Many of them. Bleh.

Directed by Robert Redford

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msdee said...

I really didnt like Mary Tyler Moore in this movie. I oersonally think that Matt Damon used The scenes with the psych scene from this movie as inspiration for the psych scenes in Good Will Hunting