Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This is England

The first half of this movie made me wish that I had grown up as a working class Brit in the early 80's. The second half made me glad that I didn't.

The film is about Shaun, a 12-year-old boy, whose father was killed in the Falklands War. He's picked on at school and hates life. But then he is befriended by the local skinhead gang and everything changes for the better. He buys some Doc Martens, gets a buzzcut, and begins to listen to ska.

But things change drastically once a former member of the crew comes back to the fold upon being released from prison. He has been recruited by the right-wing National Front and his ideas quickly break up the group. One group wants to continue along having fun. The other wants to terrorize immigrant groups.

The film is an interesting character study and it also gives insight into what was actually going on in 1983 England. It is based on director Shane Meadows' childhood and it feels pretty damn real. This is a very good movie.

Directed by Shane Meadows
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weasel said...

Its not the same without him telling you how much better his youth in 1980s England was, is it?