Monday, July 30, 2007

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I probably would have seen this eventually but when both Hater Larry and Mooney raved so much about it, I had to see it sooner rather than later. Larry calls it the "best red-state satire ever" or something along those lines.

The very beginning felt disjointed but it quickly gained momentum. It was pretty damn funny. What's not to like about John C. Reilly, right? And I still think that Will Ferrell is an underrated actor - although I've had about enough of seeing him run around in his underwear.

The product placement was so out of control that it was turned into a joke in and of itself. I can live with that. There was silliness, satire, and all around good times in this movie.

And, oh yeah, the page from 30 Rock, Andy Richter (in a hilarious cameo), and Sacha Baron Cohen as Ricky Bobby's gay French nemesis (brilliant) were all in it.

I wish I had seen it either in the theater or with Chris Larry to have gotten the full effect though. Or at least to be in a theater in the South when Ferrell and Cohen share a really long kiss.

Yes, SHR did fall asleep but she made it almost to the end.

Directed by Adam McKay


weasel said...

Maybe watching it on a tiny headrest screen on a Virgin Atlantic flight killed this movie for me, but I felt they could have cut 30 minutes out of it and had a funny movie.

As for NASCAR parodies, Days of Thunder is way funnier. Cole Trickle- what a hoot!

youthlarge said...

they should have cut out 120 minutes. said...

hate to be a hater but i just couldn't get into this flick. felt my mind draining as i watched.

msdee said...

My fave scene in this movie is "The prayer before Dinner scene" The whole baby Jesus thing cracked me up

Chris Larry said...

weasel, youthlarge, and lachima are straight morons......

Listmaker said...

i was wondering how many days after your return that it would you to find this post.