Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

I haven't even watched this show in years but I liked this movie so much that I'm ready to start watching the show again!

For too long, I've held the show's brilliant run of the early to mid 90's against it knowing that they were never going to reach those heights again. And this movie definitely does not reach those heights. But it is a lot of fun anyway. It reminded me of the reasons I liked the show in the first place. Although I've got to say - too much Flanders.

When Ralph Wiggum was singing along to the 20th Century Fox song at the beginning, SHR declared this the best movie ever. My favorite image from the film was the shot from inside the dome of Homer trying to climb it.

I almost would like the creators of the show to stop making the show and put out a new movie once a year. I often feel like recent episodes I've seen feel too constrained to the 22 minute sitcom type rushed ending to a conclusion. The longer movie form let the story unfold at a nicer pace. All around an enjoyable experience.

Directed by James Silverman
Court St

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youthlarge said...

yeah! this has renewed my interest in the simpsons, but i have a feeling come sunday, i'm still not going to want to watch the show.

too much flanders, not enough ralph or jimbo jones. or koreans. are there any koreans on the show? there should be. there's that one asiany lady who was in the book club scene but i think elle est chinois.