Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rescue Dawn

As I was watching this movie, I was thinking that Herzog has got to be my favorite director at this point. If you had asked me that question seven years ago or so, I probably would have said it was Truffaut. Twelve years ago, it was probably Woody Allen. But now, it's got to be Herzog. The man is a genius. I have yet to see a Herzog film that wasn't good. But then again, I doubt I've seen even half of his films.

This one is his first Hollywood film for what that's worth. Not that it feels all that Hollywood. It still feels very much like Herzog. Like many of the Herzog films I've seen, this one tells the story of a stubborn/crazy/eccentric man refusing to give in to nature or the lack of imagination of other men.

Based on his 1997 "documentary" Little Dieter Needs to Fly, this film fleshes out more of the daring escape and flight through the jungle. The movie is pretty faithful to the first film but Herzog has admitted that he makes things up as well as stages things in his documentaries to get to the larger truth so who knows exactly how much of this is completely true? For example, I loved that Herzog incorporated parts of the instructional film from Little Dieter shown to pilots to tell them what to do in case of getting trapped behind enemy lines. The training film is presented in Little Dieter as being a real training film. But who the hell knows? I wouldn't put it past Herzog to have shot that film himself and presented it as real. With Herzog though, who cares? Genius need not be contained by what actually really happened, does it?

Other than Christian Bale's strange accent (he's supposed to be a German-American but he sounds more like John Wayne trying to imitate Sean Connery to me) and the incredibly silly last three minutes, this movie is really really damn good.

Directed by Werner Herzog

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jamie said...

saw this last night and i agree that the last 3 minutes were ridiculous, but the rest of it was really good. i would even call it "gripping". but where did those Viet Cong come from at the end when he was being lifted out? they weren't around when he was shouting at the top of his lungs? but that's a quibble. it didn't feel too long, and i even wanted some parts of it to be more fleshed out - i guess i should watch the Documentary.

Jeremy Davies and Steve Zahn were great and I wasn't surprised to see that Davies had played Charles Manson in Helter Skelter on TV. did those guys all really lose that much weight for their roles? that's seems borderline crazy if they did.