Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Great title, bad movie. Timothy Olyphant had to have been the most boring villain ever. Bruce Willis was boring as all get out - the dude can't even smoke a cigarette anymore or say motherfucker. Unless I missed it, (the sound was a little iffy at the theater) it seemed to me that the curse was edited out.

The Die Hard movies really should be rated R. There were so many deaths in this movie but absolutely no blood. I loved the first two and remembered being somewhat entertained by the third one but this one was just dumb. And all the great action parts I had already seen in the preview so there was nothing new for me in this except stupid talk about "firesales" and lots of Kevin Smith mugging.

To be fair, I felt guilty because I had insisted to my crew that this would be a fun drive-in movie and it turned out that I was wrong. But I still say that Evan Almighty would have been worse! I also think a movie like this needs to have great surround sound and the drive-in experience doesn't quite deliver that.

Directed by Len Wiseman
A Memphis Drive-In


Chris Larry said...

Evan Almighty would have been much better. You def lead your crew astray. Die Hard? Please.....Evan Almighty was written by Bob Odenkirk, has some very funny actors in it and would have been good for a few laughs. No I am not defending the horrible premise or rushing to see it, but that over Die Hard in 2007....that my friend is a no brainer. Dumb comedies (especially one starring funny people) trump dumb action movies everytime.....especially at the the drive in.

Anonymous said...

there is no way you can judge a movie by going to the drive through, shure its fun to do that on an occasion, but unless you experience the movie how its supposed to have been or at least with some kind of decent screen, sound, or atmosphere, getting hotdogs and stuff, talking with friends, hardly hearing the movie on 1 speaker, etc makes it very difficult to enjoy any movie. watch it agian, then ill beleive your reveiw

Listmaker said...

true enough. i agree with your sentiment about drive-ins. that being said, i was pumped to see this there and it did nothing for me. and i've seen parts of this on cable and it looks even stupider when you can actually hear all of the bad dialogue.

plus, i still don't understand why strangers who disagree with my blog posts always post anonymously. very odd.