Thursday, July 26, 2007


This movie came out in the winter and was completely ignored. I think if it had come out in August, it would have done a lot better. Why release a decent movie at the beginning of the year when it is just going to get ignored?

This isn't a great movie by any stretch but it is very entertaining. It tells the story of the FBI agents who nabbed the FBI agent/spy Robert Hanssen in 2001 for selling secrets to Russia for years. There's all sorts of intrigue, suspicion, and Cold War fun. It makes me wistful for the Cold War and the fun movies that it inspired. Who wants to watch Spies Like Us with me this weekend?

Chris Cooper is pretty damn scary as Hansson.

Directed by Billy Ray

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we just watched it, as well. dug it, but could have lived without the last shot of hanson in the elevator. but i love chris cooper. he's just great. i thought ryan phillipe was coming across as the poor man's topher grace, not that i have ever though in my life that i'd write a sentence like that.