Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ocean's 13

What does it say about me that the last non-Ocean's Soderbergh movie I've seen is 2002's Solaris? While the guy is intent on making one for the studio and two for himself, I keep plugging away like the rest of the artless slobs in the country going to see these movies and refusing to see his labor of loves?

Am I getting old or are the tepid reviews of all his other films these days simply scaring me away? For now, I'm going with the latter hypotheses.

Now don't get me wrong, I really liked this movie. Maybe not as much as Balgavy who proclaimed that this movie was downright perfect and that every movie ever made should be just like this.

It was much better than Ocean's 12 which was a big waste of time. Lucky for me, I didn't remember about much of Ocean's 11 because apparently this was kind of a remake of that one.

SHR enjoyed this as well but was a little upset that Clooney only had a moustache for about a minute.

Ellen Barkin was perfectly cast - very very scary.

The movie was lacking in a strong female presence. Kind of lame in that regard.

Loved the Clooney and Pitt crying during Oprah bits.

Soderbergh and Co. definitely decided to try a little harder than the last one. If you're going to make tons of money to finance the next art film, might as well have fun making it. And what's more fun than a fun Ocean's movie when it works?

Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Court St. 12


Chris Larry said...

Gross....wasn't their a Pakastani movie somewhere you could review?!

marc b. said...

"what's more fun than a fun Ocean's movie when it works?"

Exactly. I watch movies for escapism, not to enhance my understanding of the human condition.

Listmaker said...


understandable. that's why i balance things out. in fact, chris and i are going to see a pakistani film tonight.

Chris Larry said...

F Oceans 1-infinity.....

weasel said...

The perfect marriage of Chris and Marc's approach to movies would be something like Osman's Eleven- "A lighthearted caper movie in which George Clooney and Arshad Mahmood conspire to rob the vault under Islamabad's biggest madrassa". I'd watch it.

Chris Larry said...

Yo weasel...I would watch that...write it up!!!!