Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Little Children

Like Field's last film, In the Bedroom, I almost really liked this movie. Field has a strong visual sense but then his movies kind of lose steam by the end that I get to the point that I just don't really care about the the outcome. Granted, this film is an adaptation of a novel so I guess I can't fault Field for the source material.

A few random thoughts:

This is also one of those films where a beautiful person (Kate Winslet) is supposed to be plain. Bah!

The scenes at the pool are all very good.

Jackie Earle Haley is a scary looking dude.

That scene where he jerks off in the car is really really creepy.

The nightime park scenes looked great.

I liked the whole skater aspect.

Didn't Patrick Wilson leave the note for his wife in the house? How did he have it on him after wrecking on the skateboard?

Kate Winslet's husband's character was not believable and detracted from the movie.

Jennifer Connelly looked weird.

Directed by Todd Field


Chris Larry said...

- Skateboarders were stupid...

- agree completely on the Winslet ugly..yeah right rant...kind of ruins it...

- also dead on about winslet husband being unbelivable..

- The suburbs are soul crushing...yeah yeah we get it..

- best part of movie was stuff about bad news bears Kelly...that dude rulz, car jack scene way disturbing....doesnt that actress play the same role again and again....

- although I didnt mind watching this ultimately I didnt like it...

- have you seen History Boys?!!??! DONT!!!!!!! Remind me to tell you funny story about it!

Listmaker said...

the skateboarders added a wistful element that paid off at the end when he tried to do it.

no desire to see history boys but i look forward to hearing your story.

Jim said...

Patrick Wilson being naked was the only thing I liked about this. He's got a great ass. The guy he plays football with was also a totally not believable character. And yeah, that thing about him having the note bothered me too. It made no sense.