Thursday, June 28, 2007

Black Snake Moan

I can't get over how incredibly silly this movie was. It was so ridiculous that it makes me question whether or not I actually liked Brewer's last film, Hustle & Flow.

The film is about a skanky nymphomaniac played by a starved looking Christina Ricci. Her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, ships out with the army and she goes nuts. After getting beaten up and left on the side of the road, an old bluesman, Sam Jackson, offers her salvation by chaining her to his radiator and teaching her lessons about right and wrong. The film is even more ridiculous than it sounds if you can imagine that.

You see, not only does Jackson help Ricci find out more about herself and become a better person but she helps him out too! At the beginning of the film, his wife had dumped him and he was too fucked up to play his guitar in front of anyone. By the end, Ricci had changed him and he was jamming in front of a packed crowd at the local juke joint AND he had a new girlfriend! The scenes of Jackson playing his guitar are so clumsily shot as they alternate between shots of someone else's hands and Jackson singing. All around poorly made.

Another ludicrous moment was when Jackson also helped calm the demons of Timberlake in one scene that involved a gun and a Trapped in the Closet vibe.

Ricci and Timberlake get married and now she's at a place emotionally (thanks to being chained to the radiator) that she can help him with his war anxiety. The whole thing plays like a Lifetime movie made for the Dirty Dirty. No, that actually makes it sound good. Hmmmm... now that I think about it in those terms, maybe I did like this movie.

The Son House clips are the only worthwhile reasons to sit through this crap. I'd suggest that you youtube those and clear of this movie.

Cool poster though.

Directed by Craig Brewer

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Chris Larry said...

F this southern cracker making bad movies out of black stereotypes....I hate this director....gross....