Wednesday, March 07, 2007


After taking a few years off, David Fincher returns with a very good movie. His last movie, Panic Room was fun but pretty damn ridiculous. Fincher's films are always amazing to watch visually and his latest is no different. But rather than be as showoffy as in the past, Fincher reins in those tendencies in Zodiac. Don't get me wrong, I liked Fight Club as much as the next Balgavy, but that sort of stylish filmmaking wouldn't suit this story.

And what a great story this film tells. I'm glad that I didn't know much about the Zodiac Killer because it helped me become completely immersed in the film's plot. I was riveted during the entire 160 minute run time. The film did a very good job at telling a story that takes place over many years.

Overall the film made me wish that newsrooms still were full of loud typewriters rather than boring computers. I kept thinking that this movie made me want to go watch All the President's Men again. Like right now.

Directed by David Fincher
Court St. 12


crispin said...

Your review has convinced me to go see this this weekend. I have a hankering for typewriter action.

MsDee said...

I am actually considering this movie. Can't be that scary, right?

Listmaker said...

crispin, glad i could be of service.

debbie, the movie is mostly about the chase for the killer so it ain't all that scary.