Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pauline at the Beach

I'm a big fan of Eric Rohmer's films. I've seen a number over the years and have enjoyed them all. However, I've got to say that this is my least favorite (other than the silly French Revolution one he made a few years ago) of the ones I've seen. Not that this is bad or anything but it is just kind of silly. It felt like a Three's Company plot but with lots of Frenchies talking and talking and talking.

Maybe if I were French in 1983, I would have liked this more but as an American in 2007, I was kind of weirded out by this film a little. The fifteen-year-old Pauline was hit on by one grown man while her older cousin kept trying to pawn her off on another. Quite odd.

This was the first Rohmer film that SHR had seen and she asked me if all of his movies had the kids acting like adults and the adults acting like kids. And the answer would be no. I hope that this one doesn't scare her off. But again, this movie was good enough. I just wouldn't recommend it to someone who has never seen a Rohmer film.

However, years before I had even heard of Eric Rohmer, I knew about this movie. I think this was always front and center in the foreign section of the Erol's Video I used to go to as a kid. For some reason, I always link this film with Blame It On Rio in my mind. Not sure why though. Teenagers and sex perhaps?

SHR said that if this had been an American film at the time, it would have starred Kristy McNichol. Definitely.

Directed by Eric Rohmer
Showtime Cinema

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Margaret Evans Porter said...

My Chap and I saw this when it was first released, when we lived in a major metro area with an honest-to-goodness art cinema that showed furrin' flicks.

We went because it had been so well reviewed and walked out wondering what all the shouting was about.

That said, Arielle Dombasle was certainly a stunner.