Monday, March 12, 2007

Dazed and Confused

The only time I had seen this was at a sold out midnight showing at Grafton Stovall Theater on the campus of James Madison University back in 1994. The theater was packed with fratboys and other assorted Jimmy Buffet types if memory serves correctly. That memory has tainted the movie for me for years.

I'm proud to relay the message that thirteen years later, I have finally reclaimed this movie for myself. What a great fucking movie, huh? While the rest of the film world watched this movie over and over again over the past thirteen years, I spent too much time watching Iranian films and picking my nose. What was I thinking? To rectify the situation, I almost feel like I need to watch this film at least once a month for the next thirteen years.

Every single line is amazing. Every single situation is perfect. Every song played is just right. What could be better about this movie? Linklater took the aimless nature of Slacker, added a semblance of plot and recurring characters, and an amazing soundtrack and he created an instant classic.

I watched the first 2/3 of this on the big screen at my parent's house. Stone Groove thought it was okay but didn't care that he didn't get to see the last 1/3. Oh Stone Groove! I know it is no O.C. or Desperate Housewives, but come on!

Directed by Richard Linklater


Jamie said...

reading this review made me happy for some reason. i love Linklater. but i didn't love "A Scanner Darkly," although i think i should watch it again when i'm not so tired.

Listmaker said...

haven't seen a scanner darkly yet. in the middle of fast food nation.

were you at the grafton stovall showing that i was referring to?

Anonymous said...

Stone Groove says:
Don't make fun of me.

Jim said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am one of those people who watched it over and over again for the past 13 years. It rules! I love it when Adam Goldberg punches what's his face. My favorite Dazed and Confused memory was watching it at Brew and View, this Chicago institution where they serve pitchers of beer while showing a second-run movie, at this place called the Vic which is really more of a live music venue. For all I know, that place is closed or they don't do B&V anymore. Anyway, my friends from college were visiting and we did some mushrooms that I'd gone to a Grateful Dead show specifically to buy, and while tripping on them we saw Elle McPherson as we were walking along the lake shore. Anyway, later that night as the shrooms were wearing off we went to Dazed and Confused at Brew and View and it was a drunken and hilarious good time.