Monday, February 05, 2007


I'd heard that this was a classic for years but I'd never seen it. I'm also a sucker for a good Western. But I didn't really get into this movie. It seems like one of those films that must have been really good for the time it came out. But it just didn't translate well to my 2007 eyes.

Perhaps this was the first Western to have a former gunslinger determined to go straight although I doubt it. Perhaps the really annoying kid ("Come back Shaaaane") wasn't so annoying back in 1953. In fact, he seemed so 1950's to me, not 1800's. I kept thinking he was about to jump onto a skateboard and go play with Beaver and Lumpy. The two hour run time felt like an eternity. And what a melodrama this was. I prefer my Westerns a little grittier.

That being said, Alan Ladd, Jack Palance, and Elisha Cook, Jr were truly great. And the wide open space of Wyoming looked spectacular. I did like this movie well enough but I think it suffered from unwieldy expectations on my part.

Directed by George Stevens


MsDee said...

The kid in this movie worked my nerves

marc b. said...

I like that poster.

Chris Larry said...

Shane sucked!

weasel said...

Oy, that kid. He made me root for Jack Palance as soon as he opened his snivelling little co-dependent mouth.

For my money, the best western ever was "High Noon", not least because the theme song rhymes "State Prison" with "His 'un".