Sunday, February 25, 2007

For Your Consideration

In my 2003 review of A Mighty Wind, I wrote, "I'd like to see a movie made about aging Second City actors reuniting for a big show and how ridiculous they are. This movie was quite enjoyable, but I wonder if Christopher Guest is just going to keep making the same format of a film over and over and over again."

Instead of making a movie about aging Second City actors, Guest made one about indie film actors. That is a step in the right direction, I suppose.

I was also happy to see that this film was a little different from the previous three in that this wasn't shot as a documentary. I liked the change. I also didn't feel like the film was as mean-spirited as his last three films.

This movie never made me roll on the floor with laughter but I did smile often. It isn't a laugh out loud movie as much as a "Ah, that was a clever moment" kind of movie. A mellow Sunday afternoon pre-Oscars kind of movie.

This makes me want to see Guest's first film, The Big Picture, again. That movie also was about the film industry. I remembered liking it back in 1989 or so but I would guess that the Martin Short bits that I thought were funny then, would drive me crazy now.

Directed by Christopher Guest


Chris Larry said...

Whats wrong with mean-spirited, especially in comedy, plus they werent that mean spirited....your sooooo sensitive!

Listmaker said...

nothing is wrong about mean-spirited but i just feel like guest often chooses such easy targets to ridicule.

youthlarge said...

i guess it's harder to ridicule the industry you're in? i missed the documentary style. this was a snooze.