Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Escape From New York

I'd wanted to see this movie for years but had never gotten around to it. Jim rectified that situation this past Friday night by stealing away with Mike's copy and bringing it on over for my viewing pleasure.

I've got to say - I was a little disappointed. I was expecting it to be a little crazier and not quite so slow. It really dragged. That being said, there is plenty to like about the movie. I love the soundtrack even though it isn't nearly as memorable as his one for Assault on Precinct 13. And it has such an amazing cast: Ernest Borgnine, Lee Van Cleef, Harry Dean Stanton, Isaac Hayes, that crazy henchmen dude whoever he is, Adrienne Barbeau's left breast, Adrienne Barbeau's right breast, and Kurt Russell as the one-eyed Snake Plissken.

The concept for the movie is so amazing. The year is the scary far off hell of 1997. The U.S. is so overrun by criminals that the entire island of Manhattan is now used as prison with no chance of parole or escape. Air Force One crashes into Manhattan and the president is taken hostage. Convict Snake is enlisted to help free the president.

How can you go wrong with such a premise? You really can't. So even though the 100 minutes dragged a little for me, I'm glad to have finally seen this film. It fits in quite nicely with the other films about NYC of the era that depict a crumbling, crimeridden, degenerate New York. God, I wish I had been in the market for real estate in those days rather than in 2007.

Directed by John Carpenter


MsDee said...

I love this movie but if you want to see Kurt Russell at his best you should rent "Big Trouble in Little China"
There is a sequel to "Escape from New York" and another one in the works

Chris Larry said...

Bi Trouble In Little China is a classic....

As is needed to see it as a kid/preteen to really love it. My dad still sites this movie as a good solution to crime problems.

Obviousits a bit dated today, but at the time it was a powerful could you have never seen this as a kid????

marc b. said...

Are 4 year olds allowed to take out mortgages?

MsDee said...

Escape from LA is the sequel

Listmaker said...

i was 8 in 1981.

haven't seen big trouble in little china either. what is my problem?
have no idea how i missed escape from ny as a kid. i think i was too busy watching the road warrior over and over again on beta as recorded from super tv.