Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Duck Season

This movie will sneak up on you. It starts off slow and never really goes nuts or anything but by the end, you'll be happy you stuck with it.

Imagine a Mexican filmmaker inspired by Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise but also The Breakfast Club and a dash of Home Alone and you can begin to imagine this movie.

The beginning gets all the details of being a young teenager right. Two friends can't wait to be left alone all day as one of the friend's moms leaves for work. They have all day in front of them to play Xbox. I loved the early shot of the tag team effort of pouring a Coke, just so, into two glasses to make sure that both were even. Not many filmmakers would take a minute to show such a mundane detail. But in the hands of director Fernando Eimbcke, it helps out flesh out the characters.

Then the boys sit down to play some games. But a neighbor girl comes over unannounced to bake a cake and steal some of the boys attention. Right at an exciting finish to a Xbox soccer match, the power goes out. What the fuck? Now what are they going to do? The boys decide to order a pizza. They know that if it takes more than thirty minutes, the pizza will be free. When the delivery guy is 11 seconds late, they refuse to pay him. But he refuses to leave. So the rest of the day is spent with the four characters in the apartment hanging out together as well as in pairs. It is in these scenes that the film really reminded me of The Breakfast Club.

This is a fun little movie that I think most people would like if they give it a chance. See it.

Directed by Fernando Eimbcke
2004, Year of U.S. Release: 2006

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Hey , is that the little boy from Ugly betty?
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