Thursday, February 08, 2007

Adam's Rib

They definitely don't make them like this anymore. Tracy. Hepburn. Perfect. Penned by Ruth Gordon (Harold and Maude), I'm cracking up just thinking about this movie. Plus, within the context of the entertainment, it also makes strong points for women's equality. And for 1949, that is no small achievement.

Hepburn and Tracy play married lawyers who are pitted against each other in court. The case revolves around a woman who in a moment of anger accidentally shot her cheating husband. Hepburn, of course, represents the woman while Tracy represents the man. This, of course, leads to marital strife between the two of them. Sparks fly, feelings are hurt, speeches are made, good times all around.

The only creepy part about this movie was the lecherous neighbor who kept trying to bed Hepburn. He was weird and made both SHR and me feel a little icky.

My favorite scenes: The ones where Hepburn and Tracy make kissy faces to each other underneath the table for the counsel. Brilliant brilliant stuff. Pretty much all of the court scenes with the two of them were amazing as they carried over their household strife into the public realm.

Directed by George Cukor


youthlarge said...

what a good movie.

MsDee said...

This is on my Wanna See list

mas said...

I need to see this too, though I just recently watched them in "Desk Set," which was way too long.