Sunday, January 21, 2007

United 93

If I hadn't seen two previous T.V. movies (one on Discovery and one on A and E, I believe) I might have really gotten into this a lot more. Plus, I think it might have lost something on the small screen. I have a feeling that watching this in the theater with a crowd would have made a big difference.

The movie was fine. I enjoyed it. It was good. It was also better than the two cable movies (big surprise) both of which spent an inordinate amount of time telling us about each key player in the uprising. There were also interviews with family members that were quite touching. But the re-enactments were not very good and both films had a I Shouldn't Be Alive vibe to them.

This one was shot like so many things are these days - shaky camera cinema verite style. While sometimes I find that a little grating, I thought it worked well for this movie. Greengrass did an excellent job recreating history with his previous Bloody Sunday and he did a great job here too. It isn't his fault that I was kind of bored with the subject.

The film almost felt like two entirely different movies. The first was mostly set in traffic control rooms as they slowly discovered what was going on. The second half was pretty much all about United 93. I liked the first half more only because that story wasn't that familiar to me. The sense of shock in the first half reminded me of the way I felt on that morning. The second half of the film reminded me of the two other movies I saw.

Director: Paul Greengrass

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Chris Larry said...

i boycott all 9/11 everything.....its all disgusting.