Monday, January 15, 2007


This movie was really bad. I don't care how many times Beth has seen it, it really sucks. Cheesy slo-mo all the time, terrible dialogue, wooden performances. Just a bad movie.

And the football sequences reminded me of the baseball scenes from The Naked Gun. Everything looked fake. SHR said the football scenes reminded her of The Puppy Bowl. I should have listened to Hater Larry on this one when he told me that any movie about a Philadelphia Eagle was bound to suck.

The only reason to see this movie was to check in with Kirk Acevedo, Alvarez of Oz fame.

Directed by Ericson Core (Is this even a real person?)


Chris Larry said...

I will never watch this movie.....its the "Rockstar" of Football movies...I would watch one scene of Greg Kinear as Dick Vermeil just cause I thinks thats sort of funny...

EAGLES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

We are now both probably on "The List"

Listmaker said...

have you seen rockstar? i saw about 30 minutes here and there on vh1 awhile back. it was amazing. truly incredible movie.

Anonymous said...

I only saw it once! But I would like to see it 27 more times or so.

I thought InVINCible was great. I could have watched it for 2 more hours. I found it to be a real triumph of the human spirit/local boy makes good kind of a movie. But maybe that's just because I can relate, as I hail from the same mean streets of South Philly as our hero, Vince Papale.

Kirk Acevedo is inCREDible in everything he is in. If you haven't seen it yet, you should netflick Band of Brothers.

Anonymous said...

no, it was terrible. give me the rookie, rudy, miracle, etc, etc, etc, any day.