Thursday, January 25, 2007

Inside Man

Ho hum. Whatever. This one was fine as far as it kept my attention. I liked the little touches of Lee throwing in social commentary into the proceedings. I liked the fact that the movie was about a bank heist that didn't involve money or violence.

But other than those things, this movie was pretty unmemorable. And the patented Spike Lee cam that made sense in Crooklyn looked ridiculous when it was Denzel supposedly running. Dumb.

Directed by Spike Lee


Debbie said...

I agree I was very disappointed with this one and it is unmemorable because i had forgotten I saw it

Anonymous said...

See, I saw it in the theater and remember kind of liking it. I thought it demonstrated the extent to which Spike Lee could have chosen the path to Hollywood.

Sure, there were some plot problems, but overall it held my attention, and I thought it looked pretty good.