Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Nowhere near as bad as the movie execs that buried this movie claimed. Not as good as the people who were lucky enough to see it last year would have the people who couldn't see it believe.

Jim, SHR, and I watched this right after it came out on DVD. We were so excited to see what had been denied us in the fall. And it was, um, hmmmm... it was okay. Jim and I liked it a lot more than SHR did. I thought it definitely had some inspired moments. But it is no Office Space, not even close. Office Space is easily one of the funniest movies of the past ten years so maybe it isn't fair to compare the two.

Luke Wilson plays a man of average intelligence who is frozen for 500 years and awakens to a world where everyone is an idiot. All of the smart people don't have enough kids and all the dumb people keep having them. The most popular show on TV is a show called Ow, My Balls and a former athlete/ superstar is now the president. Everyone calls Wilson "faggy" because he can actually speak proper English. No one thinks through anything for themselves and do what the corporations tell them to do - including destroying crops by replacing water with a sports drink. The premise of this movie is perfect and the crap special effects enhance the fun.

So why was this movie buried? Is it too weird? Was the satire too biting? Was this movie just not marketable? In fact, I think it might be a brilliant marketing plan by 20th Century Fox to not really release it last year. They have guaranteed themselves a big DVD push, right?

I liked this movie enough the first time. But I'm convinced that it will be even funnier on a second viewing. In fact, as I reread my paragraph about what the movie is about, I'm cracking up just thinking about it.

Directed by Mike Judge


Chris Larry said...

Finally saw this....liked it ok....i agree a second viewing would serve it well...

I love Maya Rudolf...her mother was a famous singer, but I always forget who...she is hot and has good acting range....

Chris Larry said...

So more Maya Rudolf research:

- Daughter of Minnie Ripperton

- Was a member of the Rentals playing Moog and singing back up

- and then the the OH NO: Married to Paul Thomas Anderson and has mothered the a kid by him.......oh the maya I loved you so.......

Marc said...

I watched this via HBO On Demand last night. My very low expectations weren't met. I smiled with laughter maybe three times. This movie wasn't funny. The sarcasm wasn't that biting. The premise is the only thing that worked for me.