Saturday, January 06, 2007

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)

This DVD had sat on our shelf for a long long time. Winter Break proved to be the perfect time to watch it. Unfortunately, it wasn't that good especially compared to the Minutemen documentary I recently watched. But even compared to VH1 programming, this wasn't that good.

Maybe I didn't like it because there wasn't that much footgage from the golden era of the band? Although there was plenty in the extras. For whatever reason, director AJ Schnack decided to show a lot (and I mean a lot) of footage from a 2001 show at Warsaw.

Maybe I didn't like it because most of the interviews were conducted in front of the same three or so posters of the band and I got sick of looking at them.

Maybe I didn't like it because the chronology was all over the place and it just never gained good storytelling traction?

There were some highlights though including one crying girl at a record signing who seemingly thought that TMBG were the Beatles and Elvis combined. And the band's version of "New York City" at a record release gig at Tower Records just after midnight on 9/11 was pretty interesting in the context that no one there had any idea was waiting for them just 8 or so hours later.

Director: AJ Schnack

2 comments: said...

completely agree. heard about this for awhile - finally saw it and was severely disappointed. It's not a whole film, it's disjointed and has no clear direction...

crispin said...

i had wanted to see this for years and finally found out a friend of mine has a copy because he's in the extras singing one of their songs and even though he's a supergeek fan and on the dvd himself he still couldn't recommend it.