Monday, January 22, 2007

The Descent

I used to be a horror film kind of guy. They don't do all that much for me anymore. But maybe it is just because I'm not seeing the right ones. Like this one is the right kind of one to see. It wasn't amazing or anything and it was completely ludicrous but I dug it.

Six female friends go into a cave for some extreme adventure fun. Things go awry and they get trapped. It is good even before the crazy shit happens. Once all hell breaks loose and things get ridiculous as the strange cave creatures start chasing the women, it keeps getting siller and sillier. No matter. It is still quite effectively creepy.

Apparently, the original ending is different than the one that showed in the U.S. this past summer. As much as I would have loved to have seen this on the big screen with a bunch of screaming Court Streeters in the audience, I'm glad I saw this version with the better, darker ending.

On another note, this would be a great double feature with Letters From Iwo Jima - another movie about a fight to the death in caves.

I should watch more horror films though because they make me feel close to my late friend Terry Crummitt. He would have loved this movie and I can imagine him rewinding his favorite parts over and over again and giggling and forcing his friends to pay super close attention to each second of his favorite moments.

Directed by Neil Marshall

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msdee said...

just saw it
And I knew you wrote a review on it so I looked for the review.
Gore!!! This had so much blood in it. I didnt like the ending. I like closure in my movies even if its not the type of closure I want.
the fact that the lead character loses it was good