Friday, January 12, 2007

The 39 Steps

I've seen most of the classic Hitchcock films. How I managed to miss out on this one for so long is beyond me. It is really really good. It has all the classic elements - a man being chased by both the bad guys and the police. No one believes his story about being unwittingly placed into spy intrigue and national secrets.

In particular, the outside chase scenes are stellar and the shadows made my film noir heart quite happy. If you haven't seen this one, make an effort to remedy that.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock


crispin said...

We just watched this recently too. And while I didn't love it the way I did "The Lady Vanishes" it was certainly entertaining, especially the handcuff hijinx.

Listmaker said...

the lady vanishes, eh? haven't seen that one yet.

crispin said...

Go check it out now. Seriously, it's one of my favorites of his. Better than Vertigo for certain.