Thursday, December 14, 2006

One Fine Day

Alright, listen. My cable has been out for a week. We didn't have a Netflix DVD available the other night. Beth is staying at our place. I was outnumbered!!!

Actually, I did want to see this if only because Beth, Carrie, and SHR have been talking about it forever. So the other night, I finally relented and watched it.

And it wasn't half bad. I mean, it wasn't that good or anything but it wasn't half bad.

- Clooney. What a charming motherfucker.

- The girl who played his daughter. I'm sick of obnoxious kid actors but she was great. The boy who played Michelle Pfeiffer's kid wasn't bad either.

- It was structured like the classic romantic comedies of yesteryear like The Shop Around the Corner. No sex or nothing. Just watching the wheels in motion of seeing how the pair will get together.

- There were some truly intentionally silly moments that added to the charm. That whole press conference scene with the mayor was hilarious.

- Clooney. What a charming motherfucker.

- Pfeiffer. Man, her character was boring.

- Natalie Merchant singing "One Fine Day" being on the soundtrack not once, but twice.

- This movie hates women. Nevermind the fact that Pfeiffer's character is uptight and pretty boring. But what was that scene where she has to go change and put on makeup before making out with Clooney at the end? Ridiculous. Her whole life seems incomplete without a man. Whereas Clooney's character is all sunshine and lollipops and relaxed late mornings without a woman. Granted, he seems like he should be spending more time with his kid but he seems so much more interesting than her. Is this just because Clooney is such a charming motherfucker (see above) and Pfeiffer is boring? Or is it the script? Or is it just me?

It was pretty funny watching it with SHR and Beth. They were like Trekkies watching The Trouble with Tribbles. They couldn't contain themselves from calling out lines before they occurred and giggling with glee throughout. It was quite a sight to behold. And don't let SHR convince you otherwise, but she does quite a Natalie Merchant vocal impersonation when the mood strikes.

And if I have to hear one more lament about how sad it is that Clooney doesn't do romantic comedies anymore, I'm going to get quite angry. And then go watch Three Kings.

Director: Michael Hoffman

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I haven't seen all of Almodóvar's films but I have seen the last four. And this ain't as good as the previous three. It has been a long time since I've seen All About My Mother but I remember really liking it. I loved Talk to Her. Bad Education wasn't as good as the other two but I was pretty captivated while watching it. I also thought that it looked great. In fact, all three of those films look really really good. This one (other than Penelope Cruz) seemed kind of flat - both the cinematography and the script itself.

Yeah, it has an interesting twist and all but I was somewhat bored at times during the film. That is rare to happen to me in the Almodóvar films I have seen.

Chris Larry wrote, "Never was Penelope Cruz fan until that movie...goddamn she is hot in sophia loren

PA's movies are amazing...but I had some issues with this one. It was great to watch no doubt, but the sweet/kinky/sick thing is getting played out and is there EVER a sympathetic male character in his movies?"

I agree completely about Cruz. She was smokin' in this film. Even Jamie might like her and he HATES her. After seeing the movie, Jim said that they should have just called the movie Penelope Cruz's Breasts. And how.

I don't really care that much about the whole non-sympathetic male character aspect that much but I just didn't care all that much about most of the characters.

That being said, the movie is good enough. I'll continue to go see every new Almodóvar film that comes out. But for me, this one doesn't live up to his last few.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rio Grande

I've seen a number of John Ford films and I've liked them all. I was all pumped to see this one after watching the Directed by John Ford documentary on TCM. Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed by it. I was kind of bored and it took me a number of sittings to watch it. Oh well.

John Wayne was great though. And the poster is really cool.

Directed by John Ford

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Casino Royale

I hadn't seen a James Bond movie since 1985's A View to a Kill. I think that I've seen bits and pieces of some of the past few on cable but I didn't have much interest. I went through a phase when I was ten or so where I saw almost all of the Bond films up to that point. I remember going to see Moonraker with my parents and thinking it was silly. I remember going to see Octopussy with my dad and thinking it was dirty. I loved the Eiffel Tower and Duran Duran in A View to a Kill but isn't the rest super boring? Never Say Never Again wasn't so good either if memory serves correctly. I saw most of the classic Sean Connery movies on TV. I read one of the books when I was in Montana during the summer of '85 and I can't remember a thing about it. Oh yeah, that skiing scene in one of the Roger Moore ones absolutely blew my mind when I saw it during a sleepover.

So the whole Bond thing has passed me by. I liked Remington Steele as much as the next guy but Pierce Brosnan just didn't seem like Bond to me - not that I bothered seeing any of his movies.

But this one got good reviews and Weasel raved about it. So why the hell not, right? SHR, Stoone Groove, and I headed to the multiplex near the new shops and what some suburbanites (no one related to me) call "The Ghetto Cold Stone Creamery."

How 'bout that Daniel Craig, huh? He sure fills out a tuxedo nicely, don't he? All other Bond films I'd seen featured lots of the camera ogling all the fine Bond girls. In this one, the only thing getting ogled was Craig, Craig, and more Craig. Naked torture, shirtless computer time, and what had to be a nod to Dr. No, Bond appearing from the water all sultry like.

Also, I would guess that the hitting Bond in the balls over and over in that torture scene was supposed to be reminiscent of the laser beam set to destroy Sean Connery's nuts in Goldfinger.

Like all Bond films that I've seen, this one went on a little too long. And I was more interested in the intrigue than some of the drawn out action scenes. But who cares? You've got to keep the template a little if you're making a James Bond movie, otherwise you'll end up with a long episode of 24.

I really liked the movie. I dug the poisoning scene. I liked the poker stuff. I liked the bleeding from his eyes villain (although Stone Groove wanted an Odd Job type villain). As SHR said, this was kind of a Batman Begins movie - we get to see Bond discover himself. Hey, he looks good in a tux! Hey, he discovers what he likes to drink. Hey, he's Bond, James Bond. Fun stuff.

This is for Weasel.

Director: Martin Campbell
Silver Spring 20