Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Science of Sleep

I enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but I didn't love it. There is only so much of Jim Carrey that I can take and since he was in the entire thing, I had a hard time blotting him out of my overall movie experience. Still, as a a completely unique film, I greatly respect it. But it was a movie that the abysmal casting of one actor greatly reduced my enjoyment of the film.

This one doesn't have Carrey but it also doesn't have the screenwriting talents of Charlie Kaufman. And that seemed to be a problem. I know that the movie is supposed to be dreamlike and all. But was it supposed to be so dreamy that huge leaps in plot that weren't really explained well supposed to be ignored? I guess. Because once I let myself go with the whole thing, I really got into it.

Don't expect Eternal Sunshine craziness. Don't expect for everything to really make sense. Rather expect a pleasant little journey of strangeness with countless inspired sequences. The dream sequences blend incredibly well with reality to the point that sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. They are fascinating in a A Trip to the Moon kind of way. The scene where the characters sing After Hours with new words while dressed in animal outfits is straight out of the Flaming Lips arsenal.

This isn't a great movie. Maybe Kaufman could have connected the dots a little bit better than Gondry did on his own. But there is still a lot to like here.

This was only the second time that I've been to BAM since I let my membership expire last August. That obnoxious BAM trailer is still played before the movies. They still turn off the lights and start previews ten minutes before the movie starts. And they still will not get me back as a member.

Director: Michel Gondry


mas said...

I was really disappointed by this movie and will leave it at that in case others are still planning to see it.

Listmaker said...

dude, write about it.

i want to know.
just write spoiler alert or something.

crispin said...

are you annoyed by the fact that the trailers start too early? i personally like trailers and will sit through up to 8 without complaining but i know some like to just sit down and start the film so i think the starting the movie at movie time thing is a wonderful idea.

Listmaker said...

no, i'm not against it but they don't need to turn off the lights so early. they also should let people know.

this is what i put in my letter to them last august.

Your movies consistently start early. Often, the previews start close to ten minutes before the starting time and the movie itself starts a few minutes early. I have been to many showings where older patrons have stumbled in the dark looking for their seats because it is so dark one minute before the screening time was supposed to start. I respect your theater’s wishes to start a movie on time (or early) but you are the only theater I’ve ever been to that does this. I go to many movies at your theater so I now know to arrive early. If this is your official policy, maybe you should post an announcement in your print ads, on your website, and in the lobby that states it rather than simply doing it in this passive-aggressive manner.

this past time, they had a sign up that said, "our movies start on time." what does that mean? as jim said, most people wouldn't know what that means. why not a sign that states, "our previews start 10 minutes early." and while they're at it, they should add "and we turn the lights off ten minutes early too."