Monday, October 23, 2006

The Queen

I would have never thought that I'd want to see this movie. But it kept getting great reviews and it opened the NY Film Festival so I figured why the hell not? The reviews are not wrong, this is a very good movie.

Having no real interest in the Royal Family, I still found this film fascinating. Set in the week after that little bitch Diana's death, the Royals just don't quite get it. They don't understand the mood of the country and assume that the rest of the world will soon see how obnoxious Diana was and everyone will move on. Stiff upper lip, stiff upper lap.

Young whippersnapper Tony Blair (played by Michael Sheen who looks just like him, it is quite eerie) has to convince the Queen to make a public appearance during the ensuing week. I often find films based on history either tedious (Thirteen Days) or straining too hard to connect to current events (Good Night and Good Luck). This film doesn't suffer from either of these faults.

The two scenes of Blair meeting face to face with the Queen are brilliant bookends for this modest yet very good film. Helen Mirren is a shoo-in for Best Actress.

Director: Stephen Frears
Chelsea Cinemas


weasel said...

"that little bitch Diana" Hooray! You are my kind of chap, Listmaker (although I prefer "inbred stick insect" for describing the late protestant heir breeding mare).

I'm quite looking forward to seeing this. I recall my father talking about walking to his office through all the floral tributes left in Green Park and complaining that central London stank like a gigantic rotting carnation for weeks (and the petals made the sidewalks slippery).

Mondale said...

"that little bitch Diana"

In four and a half years I have at last taught you something. Although I think slut would be a better term.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm glad you liked the movie!
speaking of movies...Did you ever see 11:14? If you did tell me what you think. If you didnt you should


Listmaker said...

11:14, never heard of it.