Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mutual Appreciation

This movie has gotten a lot of incredible press. Some have even likened it to the French New Wave. I guess I can kind of see that if you boil the French New Wave down to its basics - young people hanging out in apartments shot in black and white. And I suppose maybe there are some links to Jules and Jim.

I liked this movie well enough but I didn't love it. Maybe it was because I wanted more of the Korean character? Maybe it was because it was at least partially about Williamsburg hipsters and I don't need to pay ten bucks to see them. Maybe it was because I liked Bujalski's previous film (Funny Ha Ha) a lot more? That film had a main character that I felt like I knew in real life and one that I could root for despite how painful it was to watch at times. This one didn't really have anyone for me to get behind.

Still, Bujalski does have a gift for capturing real life on film - the pace of a conversation, the awkward silences, the boredom. I'll definitely give him that. I'm interested to see his next film. Unlike the last film I saw in the theaters (Half Nelson) that continues to grow on me, this one hasn't risen much in my estimation in the week since I've seen it.

Cinema Village
Director: Andrew Bujalski
2005, Year of Wide Release - 2006

4 comments: said...

can't bring myself to see this one. really didn't like funny ha-ha or whatever it was. the film seemed way to aware of itself.

Listmaker said...

yeah, i see what you are saying about funny ha ha. but i watched it in 3 installments or so on tv so it was easier to take. maybe seeing this in one sitting made me antsy.

youthlarge said...

i couldn't sit through more than 5 minutes of funny ha ha. i sat through all of mutual appreciation. but i didn't pay $11 for funny ha ha. said...

hey, how exciting is it that i am commenting on the movie blog? i mean, how exciting for me, not for you. i guess that would be hard to tell cause you're not me. i should just tell you, i guess.... i think it's pretty exciting! i'd like to do it more! go see more movies i can comment about, godammit!