Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

I had no idea how bizarre this film is. Corn syrupy sweet at times in a good way. The kids who adore the new senator Jefferson Smith are all winks and derring-do. Aw shucks, I chuckle just thinking about them.

But behind the strange charm lies a real message to the film. A bit slow at times, I can't quite believe how slow paced and drawn out some of the scenes are. However, the last 45 minutes or so do not disappoint. When Smith begins his filibuster, a lump caught in my throat. Jimmy Stewart is great in the film. His small town naivete turns into patriotic indignation beautifully. His slicked back hair is top notch. As silly and contrived as the whole thing, Stewart radiates such charm and believability that I was sucked in. And the scene where Capra focuses (for at least thirty seconds) on Stewart nervously handling his hat upon meeting a beautiful women he fancies is pure genius.

Directed by Frank Capra

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youthlarge said...

i had to consult merriam-webster for "derring-do"