Monday, August 28, 2006

Half Nelson

I don't know. I just don't know. I didn't love this while watching it but now I think maybe I kind of liked it. I'm kind of sick of movies about drug addicts though. Okay, so maybe this one was a little different. I mean, it is about a really good looking Brooklyn school teacher. I should be able to relate, right? Well, other than the crack problem part.

Parts of the rhythm of the film reminded me of being made by a less unique David Gordon Green. It wasn't bad by any stretch. And it is getting great reviews. But some of the reviews seem to be giving the film credit for its subtlety and nuance. I suppose but the turning point near the end is pretty damn contrived, if you ask me.

I'd love to see more films shot in Gowanus and Fort Greene because this film did look great.

I'm interested in listen to the Elvis Mitchell interview with the filmmakers this week. Maybe they'll convince me to love the movie.

Cobble Hill Cinema


youthlarge said...

haha. i liked it, but thought it was a little long. i wish the ending was a little more ambiguous. although you don't know which direction ryan gosling's character is going to go in, you're left with a ray of hope.

what i didn't like about the movie? the douchebags sitting behind us that kept kicking our chairs.

MsDee said...

A teacher who lives in fort green, wears short sleeved plaid shirts nad dons a beard, why would that remind you of you.

I haven't seen it but heard lots of good things

Please tell me the ending isn't...everybody lives happily ever after.

A teacher who's on crack? wonder why

What about Fact-to tum?
Are you going to see that?

Listmaker said...

nah, the ending ain't super happy.
factotum, nope. maybe on cable.
i'm trying to see fewer movies in the theaters these days.

MsDee said...

What!!!???? watching less movies in the theatre? why?

Listmaker said...

just kind of weary of seeing so many films in the theater right now.